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Grumpy 12-27-2016 05:39 PM

End of the Year Ride with Donuts afterwards
Please join us for the "Last Ride of the Year". We will be hosting a ride the morning of December 31st with donuts and coffee, orange juice and milk to follow. Please come out and join us.
Eric will be doing a slow, no drop ride on the Games Loop that will be somewhat kid friendly. ( If your child has some experience riding that would be recommended ) It will be a 9 mile ride averaging 5 mph.
Grumpy will be doing a no drop ride on the Red Loop which is 10 miles and will be averaging 7mph.
If neither of those are suitable for your taste, grab a friend and get a ride in on your own and meet us afterwards (around 9:30) for donuts and refreshments.
One way or another, we hope to see you on the trails.

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