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Default PORC Club Trip - Mulberry Gap, Sept 2 - 4

This is the official 2017 PORC club mountain bike trip. For those that are not familiar with Mulberry Gap, it is essentially a bed and breakfast for mountain bikers. You can opt for a bed in one of their cabins or you can book a campsite on the property. They will provide breakfast and dinner each day and let me just say, no one will go hungry. The trails start just down the road from the facility and range from an out-and-back at 10 miles to a 25 mi loop, mixing up the trails with gravel roads. Speaking of gravel roads, there are literally hundreds of miles of gravel with tons of elevation to boot, if that's your flavor of riding. We will ride Saturday - Monday, so come up for all of it or just come up for a portion (though I think they have a 2 night minimum on the weekends). It currently looks like they have availability in their cabins for up to 29 people and can accomodate more if you don't mind camping. This is Labor Day weekend, so it's better if you book sooner rather than later so you're guaranteed a spot. You can book through their website
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