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Default Raccoon Mtn - Mulberry Gap trip

Me and a few buddies took a trip up to Chattanooga, TN and Ellijay, GA last weekend for a little riding. We spent Friday at Raccoon Mtn. I would say it terrain is very comparable to Oak Mountain, in terms of distance and elevation. I recorded just short of 17 miles and about 1,800 feet of climbing (OM is 20 miles and 1,600' of climbing according to the bump website). The trails are much narrower, smoother, and more flowy than OM. It's one of those trails that just puts a huge smile on your face while you're riding it. Here is the ride profile that my Garmin gave me:
From there, it was off to Mulberry Gap Lodges (www.mulberrygap.com) in the Cohutta Mtns of north Georgia. Mulberry Gap advertises themselves as a mountain bike getaway that caters to biker's needs. Huge meals, route advice, and shuttle up the mountain (if you want to skip the 5 mile fire road climb) is all included in the $75 per person per night rate. We rode there Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, we shuttled up to the beginning of Bear Creek Trail, rode the 4+ mile downhill to the start of Pinhotti 1 (P1), then to Pinhotti 2, and finally an out-and-back on Pinhotti 3. P1 was a steep 1.5 mile climb followed by a blazing 1.5 mile descent. P2 was a longer, more gradual climb (about 2.25 miles) followed by the best downhill we hit on the whole trip. Swoopy, flowy, narrow single track that descends 600+ ft in 2.5 miles. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it. The last leg of the day was P3. BRUTAL!!! We climbed about 800 feet in 3 miles and then rode up and down the contour for the last 1 mile. Then you turn around and ride it the opposite way. The downhill there was more treacherous than fun since by that time we were pretty worked and the trails were pretty wet from a light rain the better part of the afternoon. That downhill would probably be much more fun with fresher legs on a dry day. From there, it's just a short fire road ride back to the lodge. Here's the ride profile:
The last day,the plan was to shuttle up to the Mountaintown trail and take that to the bottom of Bear Creek Trail, do P1 then P2 and call it a day. Unforuntely, Mountaintown trail was pretty beat up and had trees across the trail every couple hundred yards. We missed the turn to Bear Creek Trail and ended up continuing 2 miles until we realized it. Backtracked the 2 miles then found our way to P1 and finished it off with P2. A frustrating day, but still pretty fun overall. No ride profile for the third day since the battery died on the GPS.

Here's the link to some of the pictures we took:

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Rode Raccoon Mnt yesterday and had a blast. Fun trail.
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37.6mph at mulberry! That's some smoking downhill. Ha, Got ya beat at raccoon mtn, hit 24.5mph. Mulberry sounds like fun but way above my fitness level. Raccoon mtn should be a must ride for all porc'ers. If you like OM, you will love coon mtn! Still here in Tenn and plan on finishing our trip tomorrow with an easy ride at blankets creek before coming home. So when's the next road trip?
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Originally Posted by natepac View Post
. So when's the next road trip?
Tsali and Western NC next week.
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looks awesome. what's the story on the bar? like that selection!
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The Garmin seems to be 1-1.5 mph slower than my computer. Not sure which is correct. The beer bottles were all empty. They don't have any alcohol there. It's BYOB.

Eric, what's the plan with the Tsali/NC trip? When are yall goin and how long ya stayin?
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