Wheels Down Riding Forward

Hi, PORC Supporters!

We have all been impacted by Covid-19 in ways nobody could have fully predicted. Each of us has faced varied challenges as we adjust to the "new normal" and try to stay wheels-down and rolling forward. However, if anything positive can be said about living in a pandemic, it might be that many new friends have discovered the amazing gift that is our local trails. If you have been out for a ride, run or walk on our trails lately, you certainly have perspective on the explosion of visitors. Let's remember to welcome our new visitors and show them support. After all, that is why PORC is here. 

If dealing with a pandemic wasn’t enough Hurricane Sally wreaked havoc on our city and local trails. The trails took major damage with many sections blocked by large fallen trees and debris. However, our resilient club members have clocked hundreds of volunteer hours to restore our trails for all to access. Both trails at Muscogee and the University of West Florida are back and open. There are still some areas we need to work on but the majority of the trails are open so get out there and ride. 

Are you feeling lonely out on the trails with all the social distancing? No worries! We have several events coming up that are sure to get your cranks spinning. Here are a few examples. Just remember that if you come to one of these events, keep 6 feet from others and make sure to bring a mask. We will be glad to see you, but don't want your cooties. 


  • TRAIL WORKDAY — November 22, Pate Street Trailhead, ~7:30 AM - 12 PM

  • DIRT SQUIRT 6.0 — November 27, Wagon Wheel BBQ, 8145 SR-189 Baker, FL 32531

  • GROUP RIDE -- Wednesday Evening - Muskogee or UWF Trails, ~5:30 PM

  • EPIC RIDE/RUN FOR TOYS FOR TOTS -- December 13, UWF Bike Trails, Pate Street Trailhead, 7:00 AM - 1 PM

UPCOMING EVENTS | Pensacola Off-Road Cyclists

UPCOMING EVENTS. We place all types of events related to off-road cycling in our region - Group Rides, Races, Meetings, and more.


Ready to get dirty for a cause? Want to learn about how our trails got to be so great? Come join us on one of our trail days. You'll team up with our expert trail angels and put a little sweat equity into your next ride. Just think, you could be the one to trim that branch that slaps you in the face every time you bomb "The Chute".  Keep an eye on our events page to be ready for the next trail day. 

These are just a few of our upcoming events. You can always find details at this link https://www.porc.org/upcoming-events


Have you run into someone lost on the trails lately? Do you find that you are the one lost out there? Go ahead and admit it. We have all found ourselves at least second-guessing a turn here and there. I'll admit that I have ridden Muscogee many times and I had no idea there is a cemetery out there! Trail Forks is the answer to all of your local trail navigational needs. You can find the app wherever you get your mobile apps, or just use this link. https://www.trailforks.com/apps/map/


Thank you to all of our current, past, and future members! Your contribution to PORC helps us continue to advocate for your trails. There really is no question that "More Members = More Trail Advocacy!" Please go to this link and join us in the struggle to grow and maintain our trails.  https://www.imba.com/join/chapter/porc


Thanks again for all of your support. The PORC Board continues to work hard for your trails, and we can't wait to see you out in the woods! Stay wheels-down and rolling forward my friends!

- PORC Board

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