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Did you Find #CyberMonday deals on Toys for the upcoming PORC EPIC?

We hope you found some amazing #cybermonday deals on toys for the upcoming PORC EPIC. If you never attended the EPIC or haven't even heard of this event before now this is an annual event to help contribute toy donations to our local Marines Tots for Tots in Escambia County Florida program as well as getting out on the best trails we maintain at UWF West Campus.

We ask those coming to bring a new unwrapped toy for a GIRL and BOY. Make sure you check-in at the PORC tent and please wear a mask while registering/toy drop off. After that, you are free to go run or ride the trails.

The Run and Ride details to come but we expect to have a similar format to last year's event which included orienteering style checkpoints deployed for you to find along the trails and complete a checkpoint card.

Learn more about our event at

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