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Dirtyduro 2019 - Who Won? How did You do?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The #Dirtyduro is a unique club cycling challenge that includes monthly strava segment challenges featuring different sections of trails at various locations of where we ride. The primary goal is to promote trail use specifically during the summer months when activity is at a low and continue growing club membership.

So who took the Yellow Dirtyduro Plates this year...? The King Of the Mountain winner is Dave McDuff. He took KOM(s) for July and August and ended with a total of 19 points. The Queen of the Mountain winner is Eraena Mckenzie. She took QOM for June and just edged out her buddy Carlo with a social media photo entry during the August ride which gave her 5 bonus points and ended with a total of 17 points.


Here are the overall standings for the 2019 #Dirtyduro challenge.