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Party Down By the River - Muscogee MTB Trails

We had a huge turn out for the Muscogee Trail Ride with Ride More Bicycles - many thanks to the dedicated crew who have been cutting, clearing and laying out new lines. Oh and did we mentioned there was coffee? Thanks to locally brewed coffee from Brethren Coffee Roasters we were amp'd and ready to ride.

We put a lot of tires on the trail today (over 20+ riders out on a group ride) - really helps to bed in these new features. If you haven’t made the trip to check it out, we suggest you do. It’s already a great spot and it’s only going to get better. Make sure you attend the September 25 General Membership meeting for to hear the update on the scope of this project and learn more about where/when you can help.

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looks great, will try and get out there this weekend

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