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The force is strong out in our local community and the trails have been experiencing an increase of users every week. If you haven't been out to the trails lately the parking areas are generally full on the weekends.  Both Muscogee and UWF trails are popular among locals and continue to provide visitors from other city’s and states an outdoor experience that has generated positive vibes. These new visitors and advocates for our trails help impact our local community by staying in our hotels, eating/drinking at our restaurants, and generally spending money locally. Visitors riding our trails also typically return to our city a second time if not more.  PORC membership is key to our growth in the community. Without our members (YOU) we couldn't continue our mission of keeping trails close to home and provide amazing outdoor experiences in our area. Please continue the rise of the mountain bike in our community by volunteering, advocating for PORC and local trails, donating directly to the club, renewing membership monthly/yearly, and stepping up to lead club efforts. We thank everyone and encourage those wanting to help look for upcoming events on our website at or reach out directly at Ride Dirt! The Happy Pig



Still not a member of PORC? Join or Renew today! Click on the following link to become a member or stay active.

Donate directly to PORC to support our mission


Trail Work Days will be important for 2020. We plan to host monthly work days rotating between our managed trails at Muscogee, UWF, and Red Rock Rd. Scratch Ankle is coming and we need volunteers and a few local sponsors. Plan to attend our club meeting on March 11 to signup for a volunteer spot. We need aid station support and registration coverage.  Check our website and social media for specific dates and times.


PORC is proudly helping sponsor the youth in our region. Go Gulf Coast Composite MTB team!


We often get questions about tire choice for our area (Hint: Go as wide as your possibly can). Another common question is whether a mountain bike or a gravel bike works best. Many that ride our area often, prefer the wider tread available for mountain bike. Last year, all 3 podium positions were filled by riders on mountain bikes.

For those interested, local racer, Billy Hudgens (3rd place in last year’s Scratch Ankle), did a great video with some really solid tips for setting up a mountain bike for gravel in the good ole Panhandle of Florida.

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