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PORC Tour de Taco Ride - July 25 @ 8AM

Do you like Gravel Riding? Do you like tacos? Come spend your morning riding at a party pace (no drop). After the ride, eat some tacos and hang out by Big Juniper Creek.

Meetup July 25th at 8 AM Red Rock Rd parking area near the Juniper Creek bridge.


The route is just shy of 35 miles and will offer a great sample of Blackwater River State Forest. Water stop at Bear Lake (22miles). This ride is at a party pace with a focus on sticking together as a group. If you take off the front you’ll most likely be on your own. We will regroup (no drop) as needed.

***Route conditions will be challenging. Expect sand, mud, a water crossing, and adventure.

Comment or PM if you have any questions.

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