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Scratch Ankle 2019 Race Recap

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

After 64 miles in some very warm Florida conditions traversing the mix terrain that we have here in the Blackwater River State Forest area (sand, mud, clay, and more SAND) the long race came down to a photo finish... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Johnny Brizzard wheelied over the line to take the top podium spot followed by Mobile standout Eric Nelson in second just by the knobs on his non slick tires and Pensacola's own Billy Hudgens in 3rd.

Amazing work by EVERYONE this year, especially the volunteers who were the big winners of the day taking care of our riders that were suffering and keeping them going. The aid stations were truly something every event should look to as a standard with friendly support filling up bottles, asking what they could do to help, motivating riders to continue, and even a leg message for a rider cramping so bad they couldn't continue. PORC and Chainbusterracing will look to improve upon this event as we want to continue efforts to both grow the event and provide a unique race experience for everyone.

Look forward to more suffering in the sand come 2020. You all rock!!



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