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Sunday Field Trip at UWF

Our Sunday Field Trip was a blazing good time! We were grinding on donuts, caffeine fueled by Brethren Coffee Roasters coffee and getting some major hook up on the rad trails at UWF with some great demo bikes provided by Ride More Bicycles. Also another special supprise was local photography company Street Safari Photography joining use to experment with light, lenses, and angles out on the UWF Bike Trails.

Always a good time in the woods with our shreddy brothers and sisters-

It was a special treat to have StreetSafari Photo out pop’n some glamour shots. Great snaps to remember a great time!

Till we get wild with it again-

from Street Safari Photography Thanks to the Pensacola Off-Road Cyclists for inviting us out to the group ride Sunday, October 20, sponsored by Ride More Bicycles. It was a perfect day to experiment with light, lenses, and angles on the UWF Bike Trails. And the Brethren Coffee Roasters coffee and donuts made for great fellowship.
Our area is rich with active lifestyle opportunities. If you haven’t taken a walk or ride on the beautiful trails of UWF, you’re really missing out. They wouldn’t be possible without the volunteer efforts of individuals and groups like the PORC.

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