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Syncing Strava Routes to your Garmin Device

Automatically sync the Strava Routes you've created or starred to your Garmin device.

  • Compatible Devices

  • Enabling Strava Routes

  • Syncing Routes

  • FAQ

Compatible Devices

  • Any Garmin device that supports Courses can support Strava Routes.

Enabling Strava Routes on Garmin Devices

  • From the Garmin Connect website: Enable Courses permission in your Account Information page in order to take advantage of the integration.

  • From the Garmin Connect mobile app: Navigate to Settings > Partner Apps > Strava > Enable Courses permission.

Syncing Strava Routes to Garmin Devices In order for a route to sync to your Garmin device, the route will have to be starred.

  • From the Strava website, open the Dashboard drop-down menu and select My Routes. From the mobile app, select Profile and scroll down to Routes.

  • Tap the star icon so that it’s highlighted orange. If the route you’d like to sync is already starred, you’ll have to unstar it (the icon will no longer be highlighted) and then star it again.

  • The next time you sync your device with the Garmin Connect mobile app or Garmin Express software, any new starred Strava routes will be synced to your Garmin device. Synced routes will appear in your Courses folder on your Garmin.

If you've starred any segments along the route you created, those segments will also sync to your Garmin device as long as the segment appears on the corresponding route page on the Strava website. Once the segments have synced, you can follow them as Live Segments even while following a route.

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