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Year End Ride Down Memory Lane 2023

As we near the year's end, we're amazed by the incredible journey we've taken together as a community. Reflecting on the past year, it's with immense pride and gratitude that we share the remarkable accomplishments we've achieved as PORC - accomplishments that stand as testaments to our collective dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to our trails and community.

Throughout this year, our unity and shared love for off-road cycling have propelled us forward, driving countless hours of volunteer work dedicated to maintaining and building trails. Our efforts have not only preserved these trails but have significantly expanded their reach, connecting more individuals to the thrill and beauty of off-road cycling.

The growth in our membership to a record high speaks volumes about the welcoming and vibrant community we've fostered. Monthly group MTB rides and our popular Tour de Taco gravel ride have continued to serve as pillars of camaraderie, uniting riders of all levels and backgrounds in exhilarating adventures through nature.

Our improved communications have strengthened our bonds and ensured that information flows seamlessly, keeping everyone informed and engaged. One of our most significant achievements was advocating for the value of West Campus trails, leading to a pivotal update in the university's master plan. This monumental shift reflects their recognition of the land's importance for community recreation and has sparked efforts to enhance its protection through rezoning and collaboration with the Florida Forestry.

Speaking of which, our collaboration with the Florida Forestry has borne fruit in the form of crucial fire break mitigation and scheduled prescribed burns. These efforts not only maintain the trails but also ensure the overall health and sustainability of the forest and its habitat.

Our commitment to enhancing the trail systems is evident in the trail marking projects initiated across all our trails, including new signage, decals, and markings. Alongside our trail improvements, we've ventured into hosting a standout event, the Scratch Ankle Gravel ride and race. Initially started by PORC, the Scratch Ankle gravel race and ride event saw collaboration with a race promoter for management in recent years. With our enduring dedication and unwavering passion for this event, we're thrilled to announce that it will return home, locally managed, and proudly under the PORC banner in 2024. This event holds a special place within our community, symbolizing a significant aspect of our off-road cycling ethos.

Moreover, our support for the Gulf Coast Youth Mountain Bike Association as they envision bringing the first-of-its-kind race to Pensacola demonstrates our commitment to fostering youth interest in cycling. We stand by them wholeheartedly, ready to advocate and support their vision, empowering young riders and shaping the future of our sport.

Yet, our achievements extend far beyond the trails. Our 15th annual PORC Epic, benefitting Toys for Tots, was an embodiment of our community's generosity and compassion. The overwhelming contributions filled a bus with toys, bringing joy to countless local kids. The recognition from the US Marines, with two prestigious awards, highlights the impact of our collective efforts in giving back.

We must spotlight the remarkable improvements at our Muscogee trails. These enhancements stand as a testament to what dedicated passion and collective action can achieve. Shane, Pops, Paul, and the rest of the trail crew, well done.

None of these incredible milestones would have been possible without the outstanding leadership, unwavering commitment of volunteers, invaluable partnerships, and, most importantly, our incredible community. Together, we've not just ridden trails; we've paved the way for a brighter future, where our love for cycling and community will continue to flourish.

As we conclude this remarkable year, let's carry this spirit forward into the next, continuing to ride together, support one another, and leave an everlasting mark on our trails and community.

Here's to an even more exhilarating and fulfilling year ahead.

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